The T-TRACK is a large, multi-use tracked machine.
It can be used for a variety of tasks, from working in wooded areas to move logs or trees felled on the roadside, to positioning pipes for the construction of pipelines (oil, gas, etc.).
Thanks to the radio control, the machine can be moved in total safety and in different directions, guaranteeing high performance.
Main technical data: T- Track can load a maximum of 6000. It is equipped with a N67ENTVP22.00 engine with 205 hp, reaching a speed of 6 km/h.
In addition, T- track is equipped with protective structures such as ROPS - FOPS, located above the tracks, and a dozer blade placed in front of the machine which allows it to level and pile up debris.

Engine IVECO N67 ENT
Power (kW-HP): 151-205
Displacement: 6700 cm3
Machine weight (kg): 9200
Maximum capacity (Kg): 6000
Trasmission: Hydrostatic
Gearbox: Eaton
Ground pressure (Kg/cm2): 0,2
First gear speed (Km/h) 8
Second gear speed (Km/h) 12
Length (mm): 6000
Width (mm): 200
Height (mm): 2900
Max traction at full load (Kg): 9500
Pivoting roller undercarriage
Overall length (mm): 4562
Overall half-track width (mm): 700
Industrial cabin Metla03 model with left door, led projectors and front protection grille.
Dimensions (mm): 1473x1000x1730
Strenx700 high-strength steel undercarriage frame with interlocking twistlock quick couplings.
Remote control
Multifunction radio remote control for crawler and remote crane control without operator in the cabin.
Tow hook: yes
Stabilizer blade: si
Electricity generator: Power (kVA) 400 three-phase
Hydraulic lift: Capacity 2690Kg - Outreach 11470 (mm)

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